I want to create a brand where judgement is left behind,


Welcome to my world of refashion+ where I strive to stand out with my unique take on style. I believe that fashion can be both personal and accessible, bridging the gap between self-expression and social connection. My passion lies in combining my love for fashion with my natural inclination towards being socially engaged, working hard, and supporting others in every endeavor.

While I embrace the opportunity to take on various challenges, I am aware of the potential pitfalls. Maintaining quality is of utmost importance to me, as it is what sets my heart racing. I am dedicated to ensuring that every creation, whether it’s a clothing brand or a welcoming space, upholds the highest standards. My vision is to establish a platform where individuals can showcase their true selves, where acceptance and belonging are paramount. In my eyes, no one should be judged or condemned merely for being different. Although I cannot guarantee an absence of judgment, I strongly believe in fostering an environment where people can learn to embrace diversity and respect one another. Equality and freedom are core values that drive me, as I wholeheartedly accept everyone as they are.

For these reasons, on May 26, 2023, I created my brand JJAYCE which is an acronym of the J from my first name and the full use of my second birthname JAYCE. JJAYCE is pronounced as JAYSEE. Collaboration is key to me, as I find great joy in working alongside others to create something remarkable. I’m passionate about extending a helping hand and collaborating on exciting projects.

While setting up this company, I got a lot of unasked help from friends and family, especially from my mother, father and brother ❤. Together, we can bring forth innovative and inspiring creations that leave a lasting impact. Join me on this journey, where refashion meets compassion, and let’s celebrate individuality while building a community of inclusivity and creativity.

See you soon, Jody +

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